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Mug Shots of the Common Pests Found in the Sea to Sky

There is plenty you can do to safeguard your home from invasive pests. You can seal off cracks on the exterior of your home, remove loose food items and store garbage away from your house, and check for signs of pests such as dropping, chewed wires and nibbled insulation. The best way
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If You Suspect a Pest Invasion

Vancouver Pest Control
Beginning to think all that riffraff in the rafters might actually be something settling into your home with out an invitation? You, my friend, could very well have unwelcome guests lurking in your home. At the first sign of something, call in the professionals. Furry pests can be sne
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Pest Invasions in Other Parts of the World

It’s bad enough finding out that raccoons have infested your home, or that a family of mice has moved in for the long haul. But consider this: it could be worse. Check out what kinds of invasive pests exist in other parts of the world – and be grateful they’re not you’re problem! Babo
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There Are Pests in My Home… Now What?!

If you’re reading this, there’s a chance you just had a rendez-vous with an uninvited critter in your very own home. Perhaps your first reaction was to scream. Maybe you sighed and thought, “Not again!” You might even feel a little uncomfortable hanging out at home, knowing you’re not
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