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Mug Shots of the Common Pests Found in the Sea to Sky

There is plenty you can do to safeguard your home from invasive pests. You can seal off cracks on the exterior of your home, remove loose food items and store garbage away from your house, and check for signs of pests such as dropping, chewed wires and nibbled insulation. The best way to deter pests from bunking up with you is to get a professional pest or wildlife technician to perform a preventative home inspection. This is best done before baby season (spring); your technician will audit your home for potential problem areas and signs of infestation. So what exactly are you safeguarding your home against? Here are mugshots of the most common pests found in the Sea to Sky.










Racoons are cute little bandits but these furry creatures can be a real nuisance when they start staking their claim in your home. Raccoons can cause structural damage to your home as they attempt to find a warm, dry place to make a den. Under sheds and decks, and inside hot tub enclosures, chimneys and attics are common places to find racoons. They are also notable scavengers and can be an annoyance getting into garbage and recycling left outside.










Opossums, like raccoons are often found nesting under man made dwellings such as sheds, decks and houses. Opossums are omnivores and will eat everything in sight if food is left unsecured. Signs of an opossum on your property include scraps of garage strewn around and diggings on your lawn. Certified wildlife technicians can remove opossums by catching and releasing them in a humane manner and then repairing and removing signs of their existence.










Squirrels tend to inhabit higher surfaces in the home such as the attic, in between floors, chimneys, and roof spaces. They are resourceful creatures and can build nests of different materials such as newspaper, cardboard, fabric, insulation and leaves. When removing squirrels from a dwelling a pest and wildlife controller needs to consider the squirrel’s seasonal behaviour and if babies are present.










Skunks prefer to build their dens under decks, porches, sheds and houses. They tend to burrow into the ground and below a solid foundation. This can put the structural integrity of your home and out-buildings at risk and skunks are also known to damage the exterior of buildings. A skunk removal strategy involves a qualified technician gaining access to the den and employing hands-on techniques in a humane manner to remove and relocate the skunk.









Bats can enter your home through nooks and crannies as small as ¼ inch. Once in your home the bats will take up residence sometimes in large colonies. A pest technician can identify entry points to your home and assess any damage that may have occurred. They can also make a plan to evict the bats taking into consideration breeding cycles and baby bats.









Birds are opportunistic creatures who can enter your home from the smallest opening. Birds will then proceed to make a secure nest in areas such as chimneys, soffits, attics and roofs. Bird’s nests can cause fire hazards in your home as well as create health hazards for your family. Pest and wildlife technicians can assess any damage the birds have caused and suggest needed repairs to your home. Removing the birds from you home involves a technician locating the nest, humanely removing the birds and babies with hands-on techniques, and then destroying the nest.

Rats & Mice








Rats are the most common pest in the Sea to Sky Region. Both rats and mice are adept climbers and will often make homes in the roof and attic space; some borrowing species prefer basements and crawl spaces for nesting. Humane, poison-free methods can be employed to remove rats and mice from your home. A removal strategy considering the number of rats and their location will be planned to exterminate the vermin from your home.

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