Humane Wildlife, Animal & Pest Control for West & North Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler & Pemberton

Animal Control Video Gallery

Awesome Possum is always capturing these little moments on the job. The man behind the camera is usually Ryan Sharp, owner and main animal control technician. Check back often for new videos of our furry friends.

Fat Mama Raccoon Wriggles Free

Fat mama raccoon is coaxed from her roof den during a humane raccoon removal.

Mother Raccoon Moves Baby

A mother raccoon safely carries her kit down a tree while relocating her family, following removal and exclusion from a Whistler home.

Baffled Raccoon

Raccoon is puzzled to discover the exclusion device installed by Awesome Possum to prevent re-entry.

Squirrel Entry via Louvered Vent

Squirrels are opportunistic lodgers. If there's a way to get into your home or business, they'll find it. We can get squirrels out and keep them out.

Mother Raccoon Relocates Baby

After the raccoon family is removed and excluded from re-entering the building, the mother picks up her baby for local relocation.

Raccoon Reunited With Babies

Mom raccoon has been evicted from an attic space. She retrieves one of her babies from a heated baby box meant to house the babies until mom returns.

Mother Raccoon Removal

Mother raccoon in Whistler returns to building to find herself locked out. After effective removal from the premises, she is successfully reunited wit

Pygmy Owl Release

Cute little pygmy owl released back into the wild after removal from premises in Whistler Village.

Cute Raccoon Kit (Baby)

Close-up video of raccoon baby.