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  • Raccoons & Squirrels
  • Skunks & Opossums
  • Rats & Mice
  • Bats & Birds
  • Other Wildlife

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  • Wildlife Control
  • On-site Release
  • Re-entry Prevention
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Humane Wildife Control

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Why Awesome Possum?
  • 100% Humane
  • 100% Pesticide Free
  • 100% Non-trapping
  • 100% Stress Free
  • 100% Guaranteed

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Awesome Possum Best Practices

  • Humane Removals

    Our service is 100% pesticide free. Our techniques are non-trapping and non-relocating. This minimizes the stress on the animals. We focus on keeping nursing mothers united with their offspring and on-site releases.
  • Legal Methods

    Our techniques are legal. The inhumane trapping, poisoning and relocation of animals is illegal in many municipalities. We do not employ any of these illegal practices.
  • Trained Professionals

    Our pest control technicians have been trained to remove wildlife without trapping or relocation. Every effort is made to reduce any stress to the animals and to prevent injury. We take seasonal behavioral cycles such as the presence of offspring into consideration.


  • Awesome Possum came to our home after we frantically called regarding bats in our home. He came to the house that day and removed them. We were extremely grateful, especially after learning more about the animals and some of the diseases they carry. Ryan was very professional and took good care of bats and we highly recommend his services.
    J. Walker, Whistler BC
  • Our companies experience with Awesome Possum Wildlife Control was exceptionally positive after skunks had invaded the crawl space below our office. The owner, Mr. Sharp responded very promptly, which was much appreciated considering they had sprayed under our lunch room. Mr. Sharp educated our staff on the steps needed to ensure the removal was productive and skunks would not return. Our overall experience was fantastic and we have him on speed dial now!
    S. Prenger, Whistler BC
  • Ryan Sharp from Awesome Possum was a joy to work with. He humanly removed a family of racoons from our attic. He explained the process for the removal, showed us pictures Andre they broke in and the destruction they had caused, and most importantly how to raccoon proof our home for the future. Our family was so happy to know that the animals were not harmed throughout the entire process.
    The Casey Family, Squamish BC